No Exit

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Darby Thorne is desperate to make it over the Rockies to her hometown in time to see her mother, who is undergoing emergency surgery. But as Darby pushes her small car up the steep roads, a snowstorm forces her to take shelter in a small, desolate rest stop. There, she finds four other stranded travelers. As she wanders the parking lot looking for a signal on her cell phone, she glimpses something horrifying through the window of a snowed-in van: a young girl locked inside a kennel, her eyes scared and her mouth taped shut.

Darby knows she has to rescue this girl — but how can she when there’s nowhere to go until the storm lets up? As she watches the clock tick toward dawn, Darby herself becomes trapped in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the murderous kidnapper. Written at a breakneck pace, No Exit is a violent and terrifying thriller that leaves readers desperate for answers and shocked at every turn.

Trigger warnings for extreme violence, torture, and child abuse.

 “Walking in the deep snow was exhausting; she clambered and panted, spilling her drink. The air was abrasive on her throat. Her nose burned. She felt the moisture freeze on her eyelashes, turning them crunchy. Strangely, though, her body itself wasn’t cold. Her blood was hot with adrenaline. She felt radioactive. She didn’t even have gloves, but she felt like she could spend all night out here.”

Taylor Adams is the author of Our Last Night, Eyeshot, and No Exit. He lives in Washington state.

Published: 2019
Length: 336 pages
Set in: Colorado, United States