One Out of Two

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Written in a captivating and whimsical prose, One Out of Two is the story of identical twin sisters Constitución and Gloria Gamal.  They live together, run their seamstress business as equal partners, and dress exactly the same every day.  No one in their town of Ocampo can tell the Gamal sisters apart, and they see no reason to differentiate themselves.  But when Constitución begins a whirlwind romance with a man she meets at a family wedding, the courtship threatens to tear them apart.

“We must agree that between identical beings, mimicry also includes sanctuaries of sorrow that are impervious to being aired or traced, as well as very short-lived yet incommunicable points of view.  Hence, after all those years they had learned to intuit each other from afar, to know without meaning to that they were being observed by the other.  But, let’s get to the point: currents ran between the Gamal sisters even when they were sleeping, yes, indeed, they were twins, to the nth degree, and proud of it.” 

Daniel Sada (1953 – 2011) was a Mexican novelist, poet, and journalist.  Several of his books have been translated into English, including One Out of Two and Almost Never.   

Published: 1994 (translated to English 2015)
Length: 98 pages
Set in: Ocampo, Mexico


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