When Lincoln O'Neill is hired as an internet security officer at a Nebraskan newspaper, he is dismayed to find that a large part of his job is reading other employees' email to make sure they're staying on task.  Beth and Jennifer's emails are always getting flagged by the online security monitor, but Lincoln enjoys their banter so much that he can't seem to send them the requisite warnings.  Instead, he just listens in and begins to fall for Beth despite never having met her.

"Jennifer to Beth:  Ech.  I don't like Tom Cruise.
Beth to Jennifer:  Me neither.  But I usually like Tom Cruise movies.
Jennifer to Beth:  Me too...  Huh, maybe I do like Tom Cruise.  But I hate feeling pressured to find him attractive.  I don't.

Beth to Jennifer:  Nobody does.  It's a lie perpetuated by the American media.  Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.
Jennifer to Beth:  Men don't like Julia Roberts?
Beth to Jennifer:  Nope.  Her teeth scare them.
Jennifer to Beth:  Good to know."

Rainbow Rowell is the author of Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, Landline, and Carry On.  She lives in Nebraska.

Published:  2011
Length:  323 pages
Set in:  Omaha, Nebraska