The Property


Rutu Modan's graphic novel The Property follows Regina Segal and her granddaughter Mica as they travel to Warsaw, Poland to claim a property that their family owned before World War II. Yet all is not what it seems Regina's past contains deep secrets, and Mica is dismayed to find that she is being followed.

The Property succeeds with a well-plotted story; compelling characters; and straightforward, lovely illustrations.

Rutu Modan is an Israeli illustrator and graphic novelist. Her most well-known works include The Property, Exit Wounds, and The Murder of the Terminal Patient.  She lives in Tel Aviv.


   © Rutu Modan and Drawn & Quarterly.

  © Rutu Modan and Drawn & Quarterly.

Published:  2013
Length:  222 pages
Set in:  Warsaw, Poland
Translation by:  Jessica Cohen