Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman

After her divorce, Alice Steinbach decided that she no longer wanted to be defined by her relation to other people as a wife, a mother, a neighbor and set off to Europe to discover who she was on her own.  On her way through England, France, and Italy, she enrolls in classes, forges new friendships, and finds an unexpected romance.

“As I set out each day, I felt like a young child again.  One who hadn't yet learned the rules of man-made time; the rules of clocks and calendars, of weekdays and weekends.  Except the primitive markers of day and night, time lay ahead of me in a continuous, undefined mass.”

Alice Steinbach is the author of The Miss Dennis School of Writing, Without Reservations, and Educating AliceIn 1985, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing for her work with The Baltimore Sun.  She currently lives in Maryland.

Published:  2000
Length:  295 pages
Set in:  Paris, France; Oxford, England; Milan, Italy