Educating Alice: Adventures of a Curious Woman

After her European adventures in Without Reservations, Alice Steinbach wasn't done with traveling the world.  In Educating Alice, she combines her love of learning and new places, taking classes on French cooking in Paris, dog training in Scotland, traditional arts in Japan, and architecture in Cuba.

“Never mind that I hadn't a clue which path to follow or whether, to echo Robert Frost, the one I took would make all the difference.  The truth is, I'd bailed out of the right choice-wrong choice mentality a long time ago.  It seemed so clear to me since I'd wised up to the idea that life is not a straight road with no exit ramps that life presented opportunities all along the way for a person to change directions.  Besides, over the last ten years, I'd grown to like the idea of not knowing where a choice might lead me.”

Alice Steinbach is the author of The Miss Dennis School of Writing, Without Reservations, and Educating Alice.  In 1985, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Feature writing for her work with The Baltimore Sun.  She currently lives in Maryland.

Published:  2004
Length:  302 pages
Set in:  Paris, France; Scotland; Kyoto, Japan; Havana, Cuba