The Blind Contessa’s New Machine

Based in part on a true story, The Blind Contessa's New Machine begins when a wealthy young woman, Carolina, discovers that she is steadily going blind.  Her parents and fiancé refuse to believe it; only her friend Turri takes her at her word.  When she finds writing without her sight almost impossible, Turri gives her a gift of his own invention a typewriter.  As the new machine becomes the envy of all the women in her area, Carolina struggles to cope with her fading sight and changing feelings for Turri.

“Her mind raced through the dark, throwing open doors, knocking over cabinets, searching for anything it ever remembered seeing.  Then the lightning flashed again.  Carolina captured it before it even struck land, a jagged scar of silver light suspended over the black chimneys of a sleeping city.  She narrowed her eyes at the incomplete bolt until it shimmered and broke.”

Carey Wallace is the author of The Blind Contessa's New Machine and The Ghost in the Glass House.  Raised in Michigan, she now lives in New York.

Published:  2010
Length: 207 pages
Set in:  Italy