The Angel's Game

The Angel's Game is narrated by David Martín, a struggling crime novelist in 1920s Barcelona who signs an incredibly lucrative book deal with a mysterious French publisher, unaware of just how high the stakes are.  With engaging and atmospheric prose, this novel twists and turns from one dark corner of the city to another, leading the reader on a strange and thrilling journey. 

The Angel's Game is a sequel of sorts to Carlos Ruiz Zafón's novel The Shadow of the Wind, though they can be read independently of one another.

"Even then my only friends were made of paper and ink. [...] Words and the mystery of their hidden science fascinated me, and I saw in them a key with which I could unlock a boundless world, a safe haven from that home, those streets, and those troubled days in which even I could sense that only a limited fortune awaited me."

Carlos Ruiz Zafón is the author of The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel's Game, The Prisoner of Heaven, and several young adult novels.  He lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Published:  2009
Length:  520 pages
Set in:  Barcelona, Spain
Translated by:  Lucia Graves