Miles from Nowhere

Miles from Nowhere is a short novel narrated by Joon, a teenager who runs away from her absent father and volatile mother, only to find herself homeless and alone in New York City.  From the start, Miles from Nowhere softens nothing.  Joon's situation is bleak, but amid all the grime and desolation, there are sparks of humor.

"I want to see your insides, Benny had said. We were high on dust and he wanted to cut me open.  We'd decided to quit shooting up, so we test-drove every drug we could find and found dust.  When he said he wanted to cut me, this seemed reasonable.  That's what happens when you smoke.  You put that stem to your lips and the world shrinks to a postcard.  You see everything, all at once. [...] Knives and scabs and love.  Everything made sense.  Benny made sense."

Nami Mun grew up in Seoul and New York City.  In addition to her debut novel Miles from Nowhere, her short stories have been published in Granta, The Iowa Review, and Tin House, among others.

Published:  2009
Length:  286 pages
Set in:  New York City, New York, United States