A Writer's House in Wales

A Writer's House in Wales is part history of Wales; part memoir; and part biography of Jan Morris's home, Trefan Morys.  A restored stone stable block, Trefan Morys is filled with the oddities and souvenirs that come from a lifttime of traveling.  Morris takes the reader on a tour of her home, interspersing stories about its construction and decoration with snippets of Welsh history, language, and politics.

"Whatever becomes of Wales, however its character is whittled away down the generations, I hope my small house will always stand in tribute to what has been best in it."

Jan Morris is a Welsh historian, travel writer, and novelist.  Some of her works include the Pax Britannica trilogy, a history of the British Empire; Venice; Trieste and The Meaning of Nowhere; and her memoir Conundrum.

Published:  2002
Length:  131 pages
Set in:  Wales


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