The Likeness

Detective Cassie Maddox has just left the Dublin murder squad for another division when she receives an urgent request to assist on a fresh murder case.  When she arrives at the scene, she discovers that the dead woman is her doppelganger.  At her old boss's request, Cassie goes undercover as the dead girl, moving into the house where the victim lived with a group of close-knit, quirky friends — one of whom almost certainly killed her.

A sequel to In the Woods, The Likeness is part of the Dublin Murder Squad series.  In order, the next books are Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, The Secret Place and The Trespasser.

"My hand was on the door handle when for a split second out of nowhere I was terrified [...] I'd felt this before, in the limbo instants before I moved out of my aunt's house, lost my virginity, took my oath as a police officer: those instants when the irrevocable thing you wanted suddenly turns real and solid, inches away and speeding at you, a bottomless river rising and no way back once it's crossed."

Tana French has lived in Ireland, Italy, Malawi, and the United States.  Her first novel, In the Woods, won the Edgar Award in 2007 and was followed by several sequels as part of the Dublin Murder Squad series.  In addition to writing, French has worked as a stage, film and voice-over actress.

Published:  2008
466 pages
Set in: 
Dublin, Ireland