Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage


Endurance is a gripping account of explorer Ernest Shackleton's daring and dangerous 1914 voyage to Antarctica.  Just three months into the trip, Shackleton's ship – the three-masted Endurance – was trapped and then crushed between thick pack ice.

Stranded in the world's harshest and desolate environment, Shackleton and his crew undertook an uncertain and incredible bid for survival by launching small lifeboats into the freezing sea.  In Endurance, Alfred Lansing tells a detailed and moving portrait of the courageous men who fought the elements for their lives.   

“Unlike the land, where courage and the simple will to endure can often see a man through, the struggle against the sea is an act of physical combat, and there is no escape. It is a battle against a tireless enemy in which man never actually wins; the most that he can hope for is not to be defeated.”

Alfred Lansing (1921-1975) was an American author and journalist.  He lived in Chicago, Illinois, and Endurance was his most well-recognized book.

Published:  1959
Length:  288 pages
Set in:  Antarctica, Atlantic Ocean