When Arden inherits the historic mansion called Arrowood on the Iowa banks of the Mississippi River, she is both thrilled and apprehensive to claim it as her home.  Though she lived there happily with her family until she was eight, the house was also the site of her two younger sisters' disappearances. Taken from the front yard while Arden was supposed to be watching them, her sisters' abduction has haunted her for almost two decades.  And when she moves back into Arrowood, the creaking house itself seems to be urging her to seek out the long-buried family secrets that may hold the key to Tabitha and Violet's fate.  A modern-day Gothic mystery with a perfectly eerie atmosphere, Arrowood is page-turner until the last chapter.

"It was strange, crossing into Iowa, that I could feel different on one side of the bridge than the other, yet it was true.  Each familiar sight helped ease a bone-deep longing: the railroad trestle, the cottonwoods crowding the riverbank, the irrigation rigs stretching across the fields like metal spines, the little rock shop with freshly cracked geodes glinting on the windowsills.  I rolled down the window and breathed the Keokuk air, a distinct mix of earthly floodplain and factory exhaust.  The Mississippi lay to my right, and even though I couldn't yet see it beyond the fields, I could sense it there, deep and constant."

Laura McHugh is the author of The Weight of Blood and Arrowood.  She currently lives in Missouri.

Published:  2016
Length:  270 pages
Set in:  Keokuk, Iowa, United States