The Monster of Florence: A True Story


When Douglas Preston moves to Italy with his family, he soon discovers their new home is located uncomfortably close to the scene of a grisly, decades-old murder.  Soon, he befriends Mario Spezi, an Italian journalist who reported for years on the Monster of Florence, an infamous serial killer who targeted young couples in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. 

As he learns more about the killer's terrifying patterns and the many botched arrests, Preston partners with Spezi to do an independent investigation.  But as they examine the Monster's trail, their own lives become embroiled in the case and the Italian police begin investigating them. 

"I listened, amazed at first, then astonished.  As a crime novelist, I fancied myself a connoisseur of dark stories.  I had certainly heard a lot of them.  But as the story of the Monster of Florence unfolded, I realized it was something special.  A story in a category all its own.  I do not exaggerate when I say the case of the Monster of Florence may be just may be the most extraordinary story of crime and investigation the world has ever heard."

Douglas Preston is an American novelist and non-fiction author.  His works include the Wyman Ford series, the Agent Pendergast series, and the Gideon Crew series (the latter two are collaborations with author Lincoln Child).  Mario Spezi is an Italian author and journalist, and reported on the Monster of Florence case for years.

Published:  2008
Length:  322 pages
Set in:  Florence, Italy