Smaller and Smaller Circles


Set in the Philippines, Smaller and Smaller Circles is a murder mystery with an unlikely detective.  Gus Saenz is a forensic anthropologist and Catholic priest investigating a grisly pattern of murders.  Residents of Payatas, a large dumping area on the outskirts of Manila's Quezon City, have recently begun discovering the eviscerated bodies of young boys among the refuse.  As Saenz and his colleague Jerome wade deeper into the gruesome aspects of the killings and the corruption surrounding the investigation, they face opposition from all sides and the threat of an ever-closer serial killer.

"He reminds Saenz of a tarsier, particularly in the way he swings his head swiftly to look at his interlocutor during a conversation, always seeming to miss his mark by an inch or two.  Some people find it uncomfortable to speak with him since he seems constantly to be looking at them from out of the corner of his eye.  And because almost everyone at the bureau is taller than he is, the situation is aggravated by the upward tilt of his head it's rather like being assessed by a furtive hobbit."

F.H. Batacan is the author of Smaller and Smaller Circles.  Before turning to writing, she worked in intelligence and broadcast journalism.

Published:  2002
Length:  368 pages
Set in:  Manila, Philippines