Don't Look Back: An Inspector Sejer Mystery


Don't Look Back opens with the abduction of a young girl by a stranger in a rundown van.  When Inspector Konrad Sejer is called in to find the missing child, the search leads to an even more shocking discovery: the body of a murdered teenage girl at the edge of a mountain lake.  She is soon identified as Annie Holland, an athletic and universally well-liked girl who babysat for many families in her neighborhood.  With few leads, Inspector Sejer must delve into the small town's secrets and tragedies to root out the killer.

"She met no one on the hill, but as she approached the intersection she heard a car.  So she stopped, squeezed over to the side, and waited as a van with its paint peeling off wobbled over a speed bumpIt slowed even more when the girl in the red outfit came into view.  Ragnhild wanted to cross the street.  There was a sidewalk on the other side, and her mother had told her to always walk on the sidewalk.  She waited for the van to pass, but it stopped instead, and the driver rolled down his window."

Karin Fossum is a Norwegian crime novelist.  She is best-known for her Inspector Sejer mysteries, which have now been translated into more than 20 languages.

Published:  1996
Length:  324 pages
Set in:  Norway
Translated by:  Felicity David