Falling Man


Falling Man takes place in the moments and days following the collapse of the World Trade Center.  When Keith, a lawyer in one of the towers, emerges from the ash and wreckage, he walks until finds himself at the apartment of his estranged wife, Lianne.  Their young son, Justin, becomes obsessed with watching the sky for more planes.  With electric, often poetic prose, DeLillo evokes the post-9/11 atmosphere of grief, chaos, and yearning for connection.

“Every time she saw a videotape of the planes she moved a finger toward the power button on the remote.  Then she kept on watching.  The second plane coming out of that ice blue sky, this was the footage that entered the body, that seemed to run beneath her skin, the fleeting sprint that carried lives and histories, theirs and hers, everyone's, into some distance, out beyond the towers.”

Don DeLillo is an American novelist, essayist, and playwright.  His books include White Noise, Falling Man, The Body Artist, Mao II, and Libra.  He lives in New York.  

Published:  2007
Length:  246 pages
Set in:  New York City, New York, United States