Time's Magpie: A Walk in Prague


In 1993, Myla Goldberg spent a year living and teaching in Prague, and in 2003, she returned to visit the city she loves.  

In Time's Magpie, she treats readers to a tour of her favorite buildings, parks, and neighborhoods.  From unfortunate run-ins with the Prague police to startlingly fast subway escalators and the oddities of carnival marzipan treats to the history of the city's noon bells, Goldberg's short travel book is filled with interesting and insightful moments.

"Though the silence that reigns here is as potent and welcome as a familiar smell, appreciable to anyone who has spent concerted time in a library, there is an underlying sense of tension unique to this place, as if at any moment a robed monk might materialize to slap the back of a dozing neck with a ruler and grill the poor soul on the finer points of catechism."

Myla Goldberg is an American musician, novelist, and non-fiction writer.  Her books include Time's Magpie: A Walk in Prague, Bee Season, The False Friend, and Wickett's Remedy.  

Published:  2004
Length:  114 pages
Set in:  Prague, Czech Republic