Jerusalem: A Family Portrait

Based on Boaz Yakin's own family history in Jerusalem, this graphic novel follows the Halaby family from 1940 through June 1948 as Israel became a nation.  Filled with an extensive cast of characters (all helpfully laid out in a family tree at the start of the book), Jerusalem portrays the chaos, violence, and interpersonal betrayal as the fighting between Jewish, British, and Arab forces raged.

Boaz Yakin is an American author, screenwriter, and film director.  His graphic novels include Marathon and Jerusalem, and his filmography includes Remember the Titans (director) and Fresh (screenwriter).

Nick Bertozzi is an American comic book artist, author, and teacher.  Some of his best-known works include Rubber Necker and The Salon.  


© Boaz Yakin, Nick Bertozzi, and Roaring Brook Press.

© Boaz Yakin, Nick Bertozzi, and Roaring Brook Press.

Published:  2009
Length:  382 pages
Set in:  Jerusalem, Israel