The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America

When Bill Bryson returns to America after a decade living in England, he decides to reacquaint himself with his native land by driving nearly 14,000 miles down forgotten highways, through small towns, past forlorn strip malls, and through beautiful national parks.  Along the way, he finds humor in every restaurant and RV and scopes out candidates for the perfect small town.

"In the morning I awoke early and experienced that sinking sensation that overcomes you when you first open your eyes and realize that instead of a normal day ahead of you, with its scatterings of simple gratifications, you are going to have a day without even the tiniest of pleasures; you are going to drive across Ohio."

Bill Bryson is the author of various travel books, including Neither Here Nor There and In a Sunburned Country, as well as non-fiction such as At Home and The Mother Tongue.  Bryson currently lives in England with his family.

Published:  1989
Length:  299 pages
Set in:  United States