Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World

At the age of 48 and on the verge of divorce, Rita Golden Gelman decides to sell her possessions and leave her home in Los Angeles.  Her new nomadic existence takes her from a small Mexican village to the Galapagos Islands to the highlands of Indonesia.  Along the way, Gelman forges meaningful connections with people in every corner of the world.

"There is no way that I am going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, thinking that the only way I can enjoy life is with a man.  With no possessions, no home, and no precedent, I am free to design a life that fits me.  Best of all, I have tasted the life I want.  My Mexican adventure opened me up. I want more.  During my four months away, I met interesting people, I was never bored, and I laughed more than I had in years.  I resolve to continue exploring the world, ignoring the they who define how people should live.”

Rita Golden Gelman is the author of Tales of a Female Nomad and Female Nomad and Friends, as well as many books for children.  She has been traveling widely since 1987, and has no permanent home.

Published:  2001
Length:  312 pages
Set in:  Mexico; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Israel; Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Indonesia; United States, Canada; New Zealand; Thailand