We the Animals

We the Animals is a short novel about three brothers who grow up coping with a dysfunctional family life.  Instead of breaking under their father's will, Joel, Manny, and the unnamed youngest brother create imaginary worlds and find adventures around every corner in their upstate New York town.

"When we were three together, we stuck our fingers into each other's eyes and pulled chairs from underneath.  The Stooges were three, the Chipmunks.  We pinched our noses and sang Chipmunk Christmas carols.  We perfected the human pyramid not the lazy, kneeling pyramid but the standing kind.  We took turns at being world champions, one paraded on the shoulders of the other two, blowing kisses and shaking fists."

Justin Torres is the author of We the Animals and has had short fiction published in The New Yorker, Harper's, Granta, Tin House, and The Washington Post.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Published:  2011
Length:  125 pages
Set in:  New York, United States