Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain

When Derek Lambert and his wife purchase a crumbling home on Spain's Costa Blanca, they aren't prepared for the constant frustrations and joys of being immersed in small-town Spanish culture.  Filled with amusing characters, Spanish Lessons is a chronicle of one couple's adjustment to the new pace of life in Spain.

"It was the second running that day.  During the first a bull, or a heifer, made a detour into a bar and stood behind a tourist, an Englishwoman, drinking tea at the counter.  Feeling hot breath on her neck, suspecting perhaps an amorous waiter, she swung around and stared into a pair of brown taurine eyes.  Unfazed, she gave their owner a lump of sugar and he wandered back into the street."

Derek Lambert (1929-2001) was a journalist and author of both fiction and non-fiction.  His novels include The Judas Code and Touch the Lion's Paw. 

Published:  2000
Length:  258 pages
Set in:  Spain