The Lake

The Lake is a short novel about the psychological effects of childhood trauma.  The book is narrated by Chihiro, a young woman working as a painter in Tokyo and grieving the recent death of her mother.  When Chihiro begins a relationship with Nakajima, her troubled neighbor, she discovers that he is living with a dark secret.

"I was slowly starting to figure it out.  It wasn't anything more than a guess, but I had a vague understanding, at least, of something.  It was so dark, though, I didn't even want to admit it could be part of the truth of life."

Banana Yoshimoto was born in Japan and is the author of several novels, including The LakeKitchenMoonlight Shadow, and N.P.

Published:  2005
Length:  188 pages
Set in:  Japan
Translated by:  Michael Emmerich