The Bastard of Istanbul

The Bastard of Istanbul is populated by a large cast of female characters, including Asya the titular "bastard" who lives in Istanbul with her mother and three aunts and Armanoush, an Armenian-American teen who comes to Turkey in search of her roots.  Armanoush's appearance in Asya's life sparks the reveal of a devastating, decades-old family secret.

"That was the one thing about the rain that likened it to sorrow: You did your best to remain untouched, safe and dry, but if and when you failed, there came a point in which you started seeing the problem less in terms of drops than as an incessant gush, and thereby you decide you might as well get drenched."

Elif Shafak is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Bastard of Istanbul, The Architect's Apprentice, The Forty Rules of Love, and The Flea Palace.  Born in France, she now splits her time between London and Istanbul.

Published:  2008
Length:  357 pages
Set in:  Istanbul, Turkey


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