Fae Myenne Ng's debut novel Bone is the story of Leila, a young woman who has grown up in San Francisco's Chinatown with her two younger sisters, Nina and Ona.  The story begins with Leila's search for her stepfather, Leon, in order to tell him that she has eloped with her long-time boyfriend. 

Written in spare, straightforward language, Bone is a compelling portrait of an immigrant family dealing with tragic circumstances.

"Leon kept things because he believed time mattered.  Old made good.  These letters gained value the way old coins did; they counted the way money counted.  All the letters addressed to Leon should prove to the people at the social security office that this country was his place, too.  Leon had paid; Leon had earned his rights.  American dollars.  American time.  These letters marked his time and they marked his endurance.  Leon was a paper son."

Fae Myenne Ng is the author of Bone and Steer Toward Rock.  She grew up in Chinatown in San Francisco and teaches at UC Berkeley.

Published:  1993
Length:  193 pages
Set in:  San Francisco, California, United States