The Good Doctor

Set in post-apartheid South Africa, The Good Doctor follows Frank Eloff, a doctor in a forgotten and underfunded rural hospital.  When an idealistic young doctor named Laurence Waters joins the staff and spearheads a new healthcare outreach project for poor villages, Frank's disillusionment and frustration reach a boiling point.

"For the first time I was treating people who were fighting in a war.  I saw things there I hadn't seen before.  Wounds made by grenades and bullets and landmines; the deliberate damage that people willfully inflict on each other.  The overriding impression that I retain is of the vividness of bleeding meat, like some kind of bright fruit blooming against the dun, dusty veld."

Damon Galgut is the author of A Sinless Season, The Beautiful Screaming of Pigs,The Good Doctor,The Quarry, and In a Strange Room. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Published:  2003
Length:  215 pages
Set in:  South Africa