Paris in Love: A Memoir

Paris in Love is a short memoir about the year James spent living in Paris with her husband and two children.  After selling her house and taking a sabbatical from her job as a professor, James is ready to soak up Parisian life with few obligations to stall her immersion.  Early on, she states that much of the book was pulled from her frequent Facebook posts about the year abroad, and the writing is thus lighthearted and anecdotal.

β€œThe sky is the color of gray flannel, the darkness broken only by the dormer window of another early riser.  The woman who lives in that attic painted her walls yellow, and the reflected light bounces out like a spring crocus.  If light were sound, her window would be playing a concerto.”

Eloisa James is the author of dozens of romance novels and has published academic works on Shakespeare.  She is currently a professor at Fordham University.

Published:  2012
Length:  272 pages
Set in:  Paris, France