The China Garden

The China Garden follows Clare, a teenager who moves with her mother from London to a small village in the English countryside called Stoke Raven.  From the moment she arrives, Clare feels an odd affinity for the place – almost as if she has been there before.  All the townspeople seem to know her before she introduces herself, and her mother doles out a cryptic warning to stay away from the village's estate, Ravensmere. History, fantasy, mystery, and romance blend together as Clare works to understand why she feels so powerfully drawn to Ravensmere's abandoned China Garden.

Note: The China Garden is now out of print, but used copies are sold by several online retailers.

Liz Berry has written several young adult novels, including The China Garden, Mel, and Finder.  She is also a poet and a mixed media artist, and resides in London.

Published:  1999
Length:  288 pages
Set in:  England