Madras on Rainy Days

Madras on Rainy Days is narrated by Layla, a young woman who has spent her life traveling back and forth between India and the United States.  As Layla navigates the unfamiliar territory of an arranged marriage, she struggles with her family's expectations, her past decisions, and her Muslim faith.

"Five times a day, from each of these corner mosques,a different azan sounded, filling the air with God's adoration, his greatness, humble words quickly evaporating, being replaced with the sounds of cocks crowing, goats bleating, a lone dog's howl. Even the lamb now tied to the guava tree in our house's inner courtyard, awaiting its own slaughter on the day of the nik'kah, four days from now, bayed along with the azan, as though itself praying for Allah's mercy.  Allah's mercy.  It was what I, too, wanted, though coming in what form, I could no longer say."

Samina Ali was born in Hyderabad, India and currently lives in San Francisco.  Madras on Rainy Days is her first novel; she is currently working on her second.

Published:  2004
Length:  309 pages
Set in:  India


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