Lima Nights

Lima Nights is a short novel about an unlikely affair.  One night Carlos Bluhm, a wealthy, married businessman, goes to a tango club in Lima and becomes captivated by Maria, one of the club's dancers.  While Bluhm sees Maria as a diversion from his unfulfilling life, she sees his attention as a way out of the poverty she may otherwise never escape.

"He didn't recognize her immediately, although he was drawn to the face.  Her hair was pulled into a tidy knot at the nape of her neck and she wore no lipstick, but, as she chatted with the cashier animatedly, the unmistakable loveliness was there and, when he scoured his memory, he remembered the dress, the fruity perfume, and the drunken night two weeks before when a woman with the same face had led him to the dance floor."

Marie Arana is a Peruvian-American author of seven books, including Bolivar and Cellophane.  She worked for the Washington Post for many years as an editor, and has written for The New York Times, National Geographic, and El Pais.

Published:  2008
Length:  256 pages
Set in:  Lima, Peru


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